About DeusO

Pro Audio User Interfaces & Control Protocols

DeusO GmbH, registered in Braunschweig Germany, is a company providing unique capabilities in web-based user interface development and control protocol implementations. Our customer base includes well known leaders in the pro audio and broadcast industries.

We offer two types of software products:

  1. A production ready JavaScript widget library and web-based framework for remote user interfaces.
  2. AES70 protocol libraries for hardware devices and controller applications.

Additionally, we offer software development and consulting services which include:


Initially, three founders formed DeusO in 2013. The company became four senior partners in 2015 and our first website went live.

The team of four combines experience working with live music, audio engineering, web technologies, and high performance computing.

Our first cooperation as DeusO involved a project with Stage Tec mbH to develop a web-based user interface for the globally successful broadcasting solution ON AIR flex. Subsequent projects have involved working with companies and organizations operating from Germany, England, Sweden, Japan and Australia.