Unify the user experience

A UI Framework - for all your control needs

Web-based user interfaces are inherently cross-platform, easy to deploy and future-proof. The web browser is an ideal user interface technology for products with decade long life cycles operating amongst fast moving technologies.

Toolkit Widget Library

Toolkit Widget Library

Optimized User Interfaces

We created Toolkit, a JavaScript framework optimized for low latency, high performance user interfaces for a wide variety of hardware control needs. The JavaScript library is a rich collection of user interface widgets for professional audio and network monitoring applications.

Designed for performance

Toolkit is designed from the ground up to deliver unprecedented web browser performance for audio focused user interfaces. The framework does not use any external JavaScript frameworks instead relying completely on native JavaScript features.

Built with the inner workings of web browser engines in mind, the levels of performance achieved in modern browsers compares to natively compiled software.

Designed for non-programmers

In addition to the JavaScript widget library is our complementary layout abstraction system, Audio Widget Markup Language or AWML. AWML clears the way for web designers and user experience experts to create UIs by removing any need for programming. Read more in AWML - HTML5 Library.

Interactive Demos

Toolkit Documentation

AWML - HTML5 Library


Created for practical web applications

AWML works with Toolkit to deliver a clean abstraction of visual design and layout from functional logic. AWML enables non-programmers to design and test working user interfaces without JavaScript programming knowledge.

Supports agile teams

Using Toolkit + AWML/HTML5 + CSS, web designers can create functional graphic user interfaces and UX experts can immediately test different versions against the needs of users, workflows and business objectives.

Whether the user interface is embedded on a device or provided as a network service, an AWML/Toolkit solution retains the flexibility and compatibility required to ensure a harmonious experience for stand-alone or networked control user interfaces and commercial applications.

Developer Experience (DX)

Agile UX Enhance Development Methodologies

By using a framework which does not require long compile times, or strict separation between programmers and visual designers, it's even easier for UX Design teams, visual creatives and developers to work side by side. AWML/Toolkit is compatible with agile development workflows and broadly supports stakeholder goals in UX, visual effect and functionality. For example, it's possible to try UX testing during prototyping of visuals and functionality. There is no developer interruption caused by prototype testing processes. When using AWML/Toolkit, it's all production ready from the start.