AUX Control Widgets

For Cross-Platform Pro Audio User Interfaces

AUX is a JavaScript framework optimized for low latency and flexible Pro Audio user interfaces. The software library provides a rich collection of widgets geared for web-based control & monitoring applications.

Designed for performance

AUX delivers excellent performance utilizing modern web technologies. AUX does not rely on any external JavaScript frameworks, and is built with the inner workings of web rendering engines in mind. Backend protocol support includes: AES70, Ember+, OSC, Your-Own-Protocol.

AUX Control Widgets - Features

Cross-Platform Integration Ready

Web technologies are cross-platform, easy to deploy and future-proof. Consolidation of web rendering engines across operating systems, and continuous performance improvements, provides strong incentive for selecting web-based control user interface applications.

Control Protocol Independent

AUX Control Widgets are Control Protocol Agnostic. AES70, Ember+, OSC and other proprietary protocols can be used simulataneously in device connections, potentially unifying control UIs, as well as the user experience. Read more about Control Protocols & AUX.

User Interface Showcase

AUX UI Examples & Demos

Pro Audio Control UI Trend

Pro Audio and Broadcast applications are increasingly deployed utilizing web-based technologies as core to the user interface. JavaScript plays a key role in binding logic and other functionality between control interfaces and network devices.

JavaScript's gains in popularity, as a cross-platform application solution, continues to drive innovations in web-based software. Largely driven by flexibility, and performance gains in Web-Rendering technologies.

See JavaScript (including TypeScript) popularity increases compared to other languages Stack Overflow.