Software Partner

Pro Audio UX, UI & Control Applications

UX Design

DeusO's UX Design focus is on control user interfaces. As a Software Partner, we provide services from UX concept development to production implementation into Pro Audio products and applications.

UI Design

Beautiful & Functional — Pro Audio UI widget and layout design is essential for attractive user interfaces and your GUI should be a pleasure to look at. It should also work as expected, deliver on UX Design goals, and support your brand's personality.

See our User Interface Gallery.

Technical Consulting

We recognize that conceptual ideas can pose difficult technical challenges, some of which may not be completely managed by existing teams. It makes sense to seek support for fast-tracking technology adoption into an existing team's repertoire.

Technical consulting on web-technology strategies can help accelerate developmental processes, not only answering technical questions, but also the broad architectural and software design questions which surround development road maps, ROI, and sustainability over time.

Concept Realization

DeusO helps inform product owners and engineering teams on technical direction and technology possibilities, and provides relevant insights to web-technology adoption.

Software Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping can bring significant value to the UX/UI design process.

Prototyping user interfaces with AUX Control Widgets enables early user testing, or product validation with end-users.

AUX Control Widgets are production ready at the start, so moving from a prototype UI to a production version can be a seamless process.

Software Applications

Choosing DeusO as your Software Partner is a strategic decision. We build complete production control applications using our toolbox of software libraries, supporting the libraries and software applications over time.

Depending on the strategy, we also build applications in conjunction with existing software teams. This approach can bring more assurance to teams needing to scale independently from DeusO's own production capacity.

Feel free to get in touch and discuss possible engagement options:

Support, Service & Maintenance

For ongoing support, we are happy to negotiate an agreement to suit individual needs. We generally anticipate an initial project defined deliverable, as the result of various UX/UI Design and implementation tasks. Subsequent support engagement is defined on a case by case basis, but in general we expect to be retained for additional features or alterations to applications.

Service and maintenance is separate to support. We provide a standard warranty in licensed software which includes general service and maintenance for active agreements. Service covers incorporation of updates to our Standard Libraries, optimizations or API improvements and possible new features. Maintenance is more focused on fixes, and addressing software updates as they occur over operating systems and related technology ecosystems, such as Web Browser updates.