DeusO's Mission

Pro Audio User Interfaces - A New Standard

DeusO is working to define the technical standard for constructing web-based user interfaces for controlling pro audio equipment in the live, studio and broadcast industries.

AES70 Control Protocols

DeusO is an established supplier in the AES70 control protocol implementation market. We are also participants for technical specifications as well as AES70 marketing and adoption promotion.

DeusO has developed a technical strategy to achieve cost based pricing advantages for device side and controller AES70 library implementations — while achieving the highest technical quality possible for any AES70 library on the market.

With this technical strategy we are pursuing the goal of being a de facto standard supplier for the AES70 device and controller library market.

UX/UI Design Leadership

DeusO values high quality visual design and user centered design for web-based user interfaces.

With our unique perspectives on web-based technologies as control solutions, we aim to contribute UX/UI Design expertise for customers' pro audio user interfaces and control integrations.