AES70 making headway in Pro Audio

At ISE 2020 we are showing the 1KB OCA demo, 1.5KB performance demo and have a ALSA-AES70 C++/JavaScript evaluation kit. These R&D examples compliment a range of new products from companies using the DeusO AES70 libraries.


All R&D demonstrations will be on dispay at the OCA Alliance booth, 7-H250 ISE 2020.

Small Footprint AES70 - 'Bytesize'

DeusO has acheived a fully functional OCA device in under 1KB memory footprint. The 1KB OCA demo dubbed 'Bytesize' dispels any misconception that the AES70 control protocol requires large amounts of resources for embedded devices.

Utilising an 8bit ATmega328 microcontroller, the 2KB of SRAM is shared by mDNS, DHCP + AES70.

DeusO's C++ AES70 library enables automatic optimisation of OCA Device compilations. The results are clear, AES70 is not necessarily resource heavy.

Network Performance - Evaluating AES70 with 'Hasty'

We stripped out mDNS to allow an additional 500Bytes to be used by a 1.5KB OCA implementation.

To show how well AES70 performs on small network devices, we have designed a gain + level meter device. It connects to a web-UI 'network round trip' performance demonstration.

The web-based user interface also utilizes OCA, controlling the device with DeusO's AES70.js library. The user interface visually shows how a user interface matches the physical LEDs, performance wise.

Estimating Resource Requirements

By demonstrating the AES70 protocol running on a tiny microcontroller, and showing how well the protocol performs in such resource contrained enviuronment on a network, DeusO has the evidence you need to build confidence in adopting OCA as the control protocol for your ecosystem of IP media devices, now and into the future.

Contact DeusO for discussions on your resource calculations. We have tools available to help determine the kind of resources your small device might require. We also have strategies for building up dynamic devices and networks of devices which have much greater memory resources and need to scale to millions of controllable objects over complex network topologies.

AES70+ALSA evaluation kit - 'Highjinks'

Wait, there's more!

The ALSA evaluation kit dubbed 'Highjinks' is now 'a thing'. You can visit our information page for instructions on how to download and install the DEB package for Raspian or Debian based Linux distributions. Grab the nearest Raspberry Pi, install the deb and experience how you can control the Sound Driver (ALSA) using AES70.

This evaluation helps with:

Download Link: AES70 ALSA Demo

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Published: February 6, 2020