NAB Show 2019

"Where content comes to life"

In recent years DeusO has participated at NAB. This year will be our 3rd time in attendance, but unlike 2018 we're not participating at a booth, it's going to be a networking event through appointment and inquisitive roaming.

The show's key selling points:

As we discovered from this year's ISE show (Integrated Systems Europe) there is a lot to learn from integrators, as well as vendors. How these industry sectors see web-based user interfaces and standards based control protocols (AES70) can play unique roles in how future products and system architectures are designed. Matt hopes to continue his dialogues at NAB and grow DeusO's network even further.

Matt has also reduced our AES70/AWML/Toolkit evaluation kit into a battery powered linux arm board with a viewable console via a tiny 1.3" lcd screen. This 'protocol demo', via a virtual machine, connects to a tiny portable LAN enabling control and UI accessibility on a mobile phone, iPad or laptop. So, rather than setting up a booth demonstration, it's possible to simply check out what we're doing over a coffee or at any convenient location.


Las Vegas lived up to it's fantastic weather, friendly folks and a huge NAB show.

Generally the business mood was optimistic, with an ever increasing focus on quality enhancing technologies.


Read more about the show and why it's such a great place to become more informed, network, and generally be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the exhibition: Find more information on NAB Show's website.

Published: March 13, 2019