Infocomm Show

"The Audiovisual & Integrated Experience Event"

Infocomm 2018 was a similar but different show to NAB only 2 months prior.

Matt Hardy took the opportunity of some available space at the SLS Hotel Conference rooms, sponsored by the OCA Alliance, to offer a popup workshop covering some basic introduction to using OCA.js (the AES70-2016 version). This included how to create and bind a web-based user interface using AWML / Toolkit widget library to AES70 devices.

Matt had prepared a number of UIs, and bound UI widget objects to both the FreqMaster OCA<->OSC gateway and the OCA Pi board. Popup workshops are a great way to find a few examples and see how our UI + Protocol technologies work.

Introduction Flyer

OCA AWML Toolkit Workshop 2018

Equipment available

OCA AWML Toolkit + Calf Workshop 2018

OCA AWML Toolkit Workshop 2018

Darkened room photos of workshop screen

OCA AWML Toolkit Workshop 2018
Web browser console controlling OCA Pi

OCA AWML Toolkit Workshop 2018
AWML Markup for layout of UI

OCA AWML Toolkit Workshop 2018
Resulting AWML / Toolkit UI controlling AES70 devices


More information on AWML / Toolkit: AWML Documentation

Toolkit Documentation

Update AES70.js released in February 2019: AES70.js Documentation

Published: March 5, 2019