Full Development Service

For all your UX, UI & Control Applications

Our team operates at multiple levels. This can be advantageous for organization-wide introductions to applicable concepts, our software technologies or related skills requirements. We provide knowledge transfer so organizations can rapidly achieve independence for more effective technology adoption.

DeusO helps fast track adoption by supporting:


We understand the initial phase for building a functional and productive product involves many levels of consideration. It is essential at early stages to consider a product or service road map and gain UX insights from qualitative research.

Well defined business objectives help support the strategy development process. DeusO participates in this process by contributing:

UX (User Centered) Design

Through an accurate understanding of our customers' business objectives and future plans, we work to positively contribute our experience and knowledge of web-technologies for developing comprehensive UX strategies.

DeusO's specialized approach to UX Design means we're able to work independently or directly with an existing UX team. By marrying UX strategies with a project's business objectives our attention is not simply on the user but includes a customer's ROI and KPIs.

Our capabilities specific to UX Design for user interfaces include:

All these add to our unique perspective for how web applications best meet the needs of users and generate user acceptance and trust in products.

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UI Design

Functional & Beautiful — UI widget and layout design is essential for attractive user interfaces and your GUI should be a pleasure to look at. It should also work as expected and support your brand's personality.

While cosmetic design is important, users quickly move beyond initial 'wow factor' judgements on visual features and focus on a product's usability. The more important aspect of a UI design is arguably the trust building potential for users through functional effectiveness and ease of operation, while maintaining a pleasing visual experience.

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UX/UI Prototyping with AWML/Toolkit

Prototyping has a powerful influence on UX/UI design and offers insights which often affect functional and cosmetic design decisions, even entire product road maps. To be most effective, prototyping is done at the earliest stage possible in a project, which in itself can be a challenge.

With AWML/Toolkit, rapid prototyping is available right at the start of a project using production ready widgets and functional protocol connectors. It's possible to create working UIs easily, with hands on user testing, before a product enters later phases of production.

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Technical Consulting

Software partnerships rely on shared responsibilities and intent to forge sustainable growth models for mutually beneficial goals. We recognize that conceptual ideas can pose difficult technical challenges which may not be completely managed by existing teams. Our technical consulting on web-technology strategies can help fast track answers, not only to technical questions, but also the broad architectural questions which surround development road maps, and sustainability over time.

With the web paradigm, experience can be the best on ramp. Consulting with us taps into a wealth of experience which may help teams to challenge existing methods, propose new ideas, test and prove concept viability. The intent we bring is to reduce risks in development as far as possible and thereby contribute additional value to ROI through continuity in technical insights and professional governance.

Implementation for the web

Whether you need help for project initiation or the complete realization of your new interfaces, successful implementation is at the forefront of our concerns for any project we partner with. Read more about DeusO's vision of the future pro audio user interface, The Web Paradigm.