Low Latency, Zero Install

Pro Audio control in the browser - it's here

DeusO has established a track record for low latency web-based user interfaces in production environments. We achieved this by combining experience in audio engineering, studio workflows, control and web technologies. Our understanding of the importance of low latency and performance in audio applications guides our vision of web technology adoption in the pro audio industry.

Experience is the best On Ramp

Developing a transition strategy to move from a software-install paradigm to zero-install web based control presents varied and sometimes specific or unique challenges. Using web browsers for controlling pro audio gear is still a relatively new concept to the audio and broadcast industries and early adopters have not always been able to capitalize on their investments. Sometimes, reliance on user interface frameworks for traditional websites have damaged scalability or old browsers have held back innovative workflow options.

Experiences of poor performance or incompatible browser functionality can often prompt teams to return to building native applications. Despite browsers' failings in the past, the sector has witnessed exponential performance enhancements in recent years, in some cases 20x performance increases – see 10 years of speed. The standards based modern browser now presents a reliable platform for future proofed web technology road maps.

Combine the trend of continuous improvements to browser performance with the experience of a team of web pioneers — the road map to web technology adoption can look quite different. DeusO is open to sharing our experiences and discussing the many options which make sense to organizations interested in complete or partial software paradigm transitions.

You have AoIP, got control?

Today's professional audio hardware and networked studio installations introduce complexities but also great potential.

As adoption of networked audio has increased, we have observed many control and management issues surrounding modern studios, theaters and other live settings.

Many of the problems concerning customization, optimization and flexibility can be offered a new approach with web-based user interfaces.

Existing Problem Scenario

As networked audio introduces workflow opportunities, it has become harder for existing installed software to adapt fast enough. These software paradigms, which can predate networked studios, face ever growing challenges with diversifying control configuration needs and accompanying multi-user or workflow efficiency demands.

A key challenge in finding the workflow efficiencies promised by networked audio installations is how existing software investments can be adapted or replaced to match individual user needs and expectations.

Technology Solution

Web-based technologies bring natural flexibility for the management of complex configurations and offer a realistic adaptive solution for realizing the potential of networked studios.

Using web-technologies, for control interfaces, changes how workflow and user experiences can be imagined and designed. Examples include:

Usable & Effective – Harmonious UX

Presenting the right parts of a control UI to a user, at the right time, can make the difference between usability success and failure, particularly in live settings.

Understanding what users need and providing a solution which quickly satisfies these needs is clearly important. Yet, networked audio (AoIP) is changing how users choose to work, faster than software can adapt.

With this complexity potential of networked studios, web-based software can be the flexible solution. Delivering a successful solution is through a good understanding of user needs, with flexible frameworks, and by a user centered approach to user experience.

Our Approach

Successful adoption of web-based user interfaces is helped by formulating the right questions before, during and in follow up to deployments. There are many efficiency gains available to end users and DeusO is positioned to lead this UX discovery process.

We positively contribute to the introduction and development process by working together with all stakeholders. Our unique perspectives on how flexible web-based technologies can enhance the user experience will also positively contribute value to your KPIs and ROI. Read more about our approach to User Experience (UX Design).