UX is Vital

Functional Interaction with Visual Systems

The philosophies guiding our approach to user interfaces stretch well beyond cosmetic design. We embrace the potency of the Responsive Web and optimize interface designs for any number of platforms. With this focus on productive solutions, which support the user experience, DeusO stands ready to enhance the potential of your products.

UX Design as a foundation

Our perspectives on how UX and web based UIs relate functionally are framed by a good understanding of proven methodologies. The techniques we employ adhere to a user centered approach to UX design and mirror practices of many leading UX companies across a range of industries.

Web-based user interfaces & agile UX

With DeusO's software tools, new workflow possibilities are ready for development teams, designers and product managers alike.

AWML/Toolkit fits naturally into agile environments and supports a lean UX approach to UX design, while providing production ready rapid prototyping from the start. In this way DeusO is positioned to deliver value to a variety of key areas in customers' organizations, working side by side with teams to achieve the desired product enhancements while minimizing guesswork and doubt.

Thoughts on ROI from UX Design

Allocating time and resources for UX Design to product development, in any field, makes sense from a Return On Investment perspective. A common sense position dictates 'getting it right early' prevents cost overruns and delivers higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

DeusO employs a combination of critical, strategic and creative thinking to form real world views of complexities. We employ this practical approach, backed by expertise and experience, to effectively tackle design, development and strategy challenges.

This outlook enables DeusO to offer well considered solutions, involving both web technologies and surrounding UX Design considerations. Our approach aims to be realistic, affordable and sustainable.

UX/UI Design for the web

When thinking about how a user interface appears visually there is a natural connection with User Experience. UX Design itself provides far deeper insights and answers for good product development strategies, not simply how a product UI looks visually.

Visual design remains a key factor in how a UX strategy unfolds and remains a primary focus for user interfaces. The web based user interface has a unique set of design challenges and it's in this space our tools provide optimized solutions.

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