Beautiful User Interfaces

One look & feel on all devices

Visual designs emerge from a process which involves communication, planning and testing. Beautiful visual designs may look like works of art but they must also adhere to the business objectives of products and support a harmonious user experience. DeusO's unique combination of technical understanding, development methodologies and creative skills can lift your UI's visual design to a new standard.

UI design with web-based technologies

DeusO's visual design service includes support for combining UX design decisions directly into great looking functional UIs. We use AWML/Toolkit as the user interface framework for fast tracking the underlying requirements of a working visual design. AWML/Toolkit provides a cost-effective way to test multiple visual designs, in working prototypes, across a diverse range of devices.

Combined with the natural compatibility of agile development environments, the overall UX/UI design process is aided by delivering speedy results and potential for rapid user feedback. It is through these flexible prototyping solutions that we help reduce design risks, ie. regular comparison testing and field testing to prove a visual design's effectiveness. With this flexible approach to UX/UI design, we aim to meet layout and visual expectations while not compromising on quality or product viability.

UI Design Services - Options

Themes & Pattern Libraries

Generating templates and skins for reuse and configuration over time is a fundamental part of our visual design services. Where your adoption of AWML/Toolkit is conducted primarily in-house, some auxiliary creative input from our team can bring visual impact and usability to already functional user interfaces.

UI Prototypes

AWML/Toolkit is an ideal widget and layout prototyping framework. A good web developer is already equipped with the skills needed to create working AWML/Toolkit prototype user interfaces.

To test integration of widgets and hardware, a protocol integration is needed.

Integrated UI Prototypes

By integrating AWML/Toolkit with a protocol, the framework's resulting UIs control devices out of the box and contain production ready widgets.

For projects intending to deliver web interfaces, or even experimental projects, this option presents the agile UX designer a dream combination of tools.

Possibilities include functional A/B user testing of UX concepts, to production ready applications for just-in-time distribution in pro audio product lines.

AES70.js is an ideal controller protocol which will connect AWML/Toolkit UIs to supported hardware directly or over a network.

UX/UI Design Leadership

As part of DeusO's full development service we deliver complete-package web-based control applications. This includes back-end integration and UX/UI Design leadership.

UX/UI Design Leadership involves a combination of product definition, planning, R&D, visual design, architecture design, and technical specification to formulate a complete project outline. This guides development, deployment and sustainable operation.

The partnership option offers your project a team of experienced web pioneers with years of experience in delivering full-stack web based products.

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