Visual Studio or MonoDevelop

Use the C# AES70 Controller Library

AES70 C# is an off the shelf OCA Controller library for programming in C# using Visual Studio or MonoDevelop. The development library includes example programs, tests and inline documentation.

Full Controller Library

AES70 C# contains a controller-side implementation of all classes defined in the current version of the AES70 Standard. It is available under a commercial license, with the option of an initial evaluation.

Discovery, Control Classes & Properties

AES70 C# offers an API to iterate over all objects inside a device and build an object tree representation of that device. Each node in the resulting object tree contains a representation of the remote OCA object. The representation is constructed using the corresponding AES70 Standard class available in the C# library.

Application programmers can rely on this object tree representation (abstraction) for the client software object model. The abstraction takes care of the changes to object parameters, reflecting changes on remote devices in the corresponding object parameter local values, and vice versa.

An initial project is incliuded in the library, which compiles and provides a starting point for development in C#.

Getting Started – Discovery

The C# library is a client-side implementation, designed specifically for use as a controller. To integrate AES70 into devices, see AES70 C++.

It makes sense to discuss control needs early on, specifically how our device emulation tools can decouple dependencies on completed device implementations.

Hardware Emulation

DeusO offers device-emulation tools for generating OCA Devices in a dynamic way. The resulting emulation can run on a network service much like a real device. An example of a network of virtual devices is available on

Tools & Utilities

Device emulation removes hardware dependencies, but often teams need to coordinate a development road map early. We created OCA Device examples to help embedded engineers and front end application designers fast track control protocol integration.

Read more about device evaluation.

Consulting & Adoption Support

DeusO provides AES70 C# development services, responding to needs like convenience APIs or design architecture advice. Find out more about consulting on Software Partner.

Support, Service & Maintenance

For ongoing support, we are happy to negotiate an agreement to suit engineers' needs. We generally anticipate an initial handover package, which includes technical introductory meetings, suggestions on design strategy, and sharing of general technical knowledge and code examples. Subsequent support engagement is defined on a case by case basis.

Service and maintenance is separate to support. We provide a standard warranty in licensed software which includes general service and maintenance for active agreements. Service covers incorporation of updates to the AES70 Standard, optimizations or API improvements and possible new features. Maintenance is more focused on fixes, and addressing possible feature gaps discovered in a library.