AUX Control Widgets

Cross-Platform Pro Audio User Interfaces

AUX is a JavaScript framework optimized for low latency and flexible Pro Audio user interfaces. The Software Library provides a rich collection of widgets geared for web-based Control & Monitoring applications.

Designed for performance

AUX is designed from the ground up to deliver excellent performance using modern web technologies. AUX does not rely on any external JavaScript frameworks, and is built with the inner workings of web rendering engines in mind.

Pro Audio & Broadcast Professionals

AUX Control Widgets are used by Pro Audio and Broadcast Professionals everyday. Use cases range from primary system control, unified workflows or remote user interfaces, configured for specific equipment and user needs.

Ready for Cross-Platform Integration

Web technologies are inherently cross-platform, easy to deploy and future-proof. Consolidation of web rendering engines across frameworks, and continuous performance improvements in web browsers, provides strong incentive for selecting web-based control solutions.

CSS/HTML5 + AUX presents an ideal cross-platform UI technology choice in this respect, providing equivalent compatibility in Web Browsers and Native Application WebViews – on desktop, mobile or other touch-enabled devices.

Control Protocol Independent

AUX is designed to be Control Protocol Agnostic. AUX Control Widgets can be used with AES70, Ember+, OSC and other proprietary protocols. Read more about Control Protocols & AUX.

Delivers on Flexibility

The modern web-paradigm delivers diverse possibilities to UX and UI Designers. Examples are everywhere – from online entertainment to critical government-citizen interfaces – web technologies are ubiquitous for end users and simultaneously provide multifaceted functionality.

As the Pro Audio and Broadcast industries invest in web-based user interfaces, operators of equipment in complex applications will continue to discover new and more efficient workflows, taking advantage of built-in flexibility. AUX integrates well with complex workflows or network applications, and provides the kind of flexibility developers dream of, and users increasingly expect.

AUX Control Widgets - Features

Web Technology Trend

Adoption of programming language JavaScript and development accelerator Typescript, combined with acceptance of web-based software, continues to drive UX improvements in control interfaces for the Pro Audio and Broadcast industries. Users don't have to go far to find web-based interfaces for many daily tasks, and the best are yet to come.

See JavaScript + Typscript popularity increases compared to other languages Stack Overflow.

AES70 AUX Controller Demo & Example

Try out the user interface in your Web Browser and compare it with an App for iPad.

AES70 AUX - Online Demo

Thumbnail AES70 AUX Demo View Online

AES70 AUX - iPad App Demo

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Using Multiple Controllers

The demo AES70 virtual-device can be controlled by App, Web Browser, or AES70 Explorer.

To use AES70 Explorer: Download first, connect with IP: and Port: 65004 then control the same device but without the pre-built UI from above. Note: The device's physical location is San Francisco with associated latency.

64 Channel Console Demo & Example

Try out the user interface in your Web Browser and compare it with an App for iPad.

64ch Console - Online Demo

Thumbnail Mixing Console Demo View Online

64ch Console - iPad App Demo

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