Adopt AES70

A Robust Control Standard for Media Network Devices

Open Control Architecture (OCA), standardized as AES70, provides Control & Monitoring specifications for professional audio devices. The AES70 Open Standard brings new possibilities for IP media networks. Accelerate AES70 Adoption with software libraries and integration support from DeusO.

AES70 Control Technologies

DeusO is an established supplier of AES70 Open Standard and unified control solutions. We offer a flexible range of technologies delivering AES70 software libraries and integrated remote control interfaces.

Our AES70 software is the result of an innovative underlying technology, developed in-house, utilizing code generation to deliver performant implementations of the AES70 Standard Control Protocol.

Embedded & Controller: C++ Library
Full Controllers: JavaScript or C# .NET

AES70 Control Package

DeusO addresses the challenge of matching protocols with UI frameworks potentially unsuited to Pro Audio Device Control. Instead, we make a compelling End-to-End control technology proposition with AES70 + AUX.

By tightly integrating AUX Control Widgets and the AES70 Control Protocol, a package solution for media device control is available 'off the shelf'. It is suitable for integration into new products or existing product upgrades.

End-to-End Solution: DeusO Control Package

Business Case

Stakeholder priorities, such as product time-to-market, technical integration, protocol life cycles or operational continuity can all be assured; firstly by our production ready code libraries and development utilities, and secondly by choosing a modern Standards Based Control Protocol.

Product development strategies involve assessing verifiable information about fit-for-purpose technologies, engineering learning curves or broader technology adoption concerns.

To discuss your business priorities, product challenges and requirements, feel free to get in touch with Matt Hardy: .

Evaluation & Assurance

DeusO can demonstrate example code, working applications and discuss strategies for fast-track AES70 integration. We provide ongoing support for our customers either directly to in-house teams or as a software partner.

These assurances can be verified at the beginning of technical assessments by product owners and development engineers. By combining popular hardware dev-kits and our code examples, it is possible to start a technical evaluation from day one. We provide compilable project code examples and controllable devices to support evaluation processes.

Start a Technology Evaluation

About the AES70 Standard

The AES70 Standard specifies a RPC protocol with event subscription capabilities. The protocol definition contains a series of pre-defined classes, which can be used to represent audio devices. The device side implementations typically use C++, or similar, and are represented by a tree of objects. The objects are normally defined by a Standard OCA Class, although custom class definitions are possible.

In the DeusO technology stack, C++ class templates are automatically included with the controller libraries, AES70.js and C# .NET.

Read more about AES70 on the OCA Alliance website.