Existing Control Protocols

Proprietary Technologies & Legacy Support

Existing or proprietary control protocols can be the fastest path to reaching a specific goal. Bringing existing protocols to a web-based paradigm may open networked control potential, but the requirements of modern browsers can introduce gotchas for low-latency performance, device subscriptions or platform requirements.

DeusO specializes in proprietary control protocol implementation for web technologies in addition to standards based protocols. We've successfully implemented a wide range of existing (including proprietary) protocols for web-based UI projects.

By working in direct cooperation with internal development teams, the integration with a web-based UI or application can be fast-tracked through mutual sharing of experience, knowledge and skills. Our aim in this type of integration work is to deliver robust and complete protocol implementations which enable immediate ownership and utilization by a customer's internal team.

Web-based Control Protocols - things to consider

Low-latency control vs RESTful APIS
Multiple users is a natural concept for web-based UIs, does your application demand a subscription based protocol?
Is a WebServer Required?
Browsers are clients so your model may need a client-server network application, or consider wrapping into a native application container.
Legacy Support or Proxies
It's not always easy to upgrade, but we have options for protocol proxies or lightweight translation libraries when web-based user interfaces are preferred for future road maps.
Deployment Redundancy
Deploying a network based control application requires redundancy. We have strategies for critical systems which might positively influence technical road maps.