Examples & Demos

Our examples & demos showcase the strengths of a cross-platform web strategy. Open each Demo UI directly in a web browser, and view the same UI alongside in the iOS App deployed with WebView.

AES70 AUX Controller Demo & Example

AES70 AUX - Online Demo

Thumbnail AES70 AUX Demo View Online

AES70 AUX - iPad App Demo

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Using Multiple Controllers

The demo AES70 virtual-device can be controlled by App, Web Browser, or AES70 Explorer.

To use AES70 Explorer: Download the software.

Add Device - Steps:

  1. To add a device use IP: Port: 65004
  2. You will connect to the same cloud device, but without the pre-built UI from above. Use AES70 Explorer to add widgets and control the device instead. Notice how the App and Online UI react to multiple users.

Note: The device's physical location is San Francisco with associated latency.

64 Channel Console Demo & Example

Try out the user interface in your Web Browser and compare it with an App for iPad.

64ch Console - Online Demo

Thumbnail Mixing Console Demo View Online

64ch Console - iPad App Demo

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WebView Delivers on Flexibility

As illustrated by these Examples, modern WebView technologies deliver flexibility and good performance for cross-platform deployment of user-driven applications. One powerful idea of a cross-platform technology is to be ubiquitous, and transparently 'just-work', easily meeting or exceeding user expectations.

AUX Control Widgets is an ideal choice for complex network applications, providing the kind of flexibility developers dream of, delivering high quality responsive interfaces users expect to experience everywhere.

To learn more about AUX Control Widgets, feel free to get in touch: .