DeusO Control Package

AES70 Device, Controller & User Interface

The DeusO Control Package is designed to provide manufacturers the technical components needed for device parameter control and seamless integration with modern user interface platforms.

The essential parts of a control package include DeusO's underlying software libraries, development tools and expert consulting services, all geared for Pro Audio and Media Network devices.

End-to-End Cross Platform Control Solution

Finding technical competencies in-house for control protocol integration, user interface development and implementation into a product, over multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, presents a challenge for the best of teams.

DeusO is aware of the challenges and uncertainties surrounding product development from first hand experience. We think offering an End-to-End Control Package to product owners and development engineers can help reduce many of the risks and uncertainties surrounding device integration with AES70 and development of modern cross-platform control UIs.

Protocol Integration

Production ready software libraries fast-track product development, but there will always be a unique selling point and custom need arising from innovative new hardware.

DeusO assists with hardware AES70 integration to ensure engineers find integration efficiencies, and technical proficiency, with the needs of unique products and audio devices in mind.

Client Software Libraries

Media and Pro Audio devices generally rely on remote control software, for primary control or configuration and monitoring.

DeusO brings the Control Widget technologies required to support UX/UI designers, and software developers alike. The AES70 JS Controller binds AUX Control Widgets with device functionality, and both remain compatible with popular application frameworks like React or Angular.


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