International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)

IBC was a great way for catching up with our international network and for meeting new people.

This year Matt Hardy brought DeusO's new C++ template library demonstration. The popup evaluation involved Matt's trusty T420 Lenovo, a GCC compiler, some C++ code and a Toolkit UI.

DeusO's approach at IBC was to get some personal examples of how easy it is to wire up 'blocks of code' which represent 'blocks in a device', then compile an optimized and fully AES70-2018 compatible firmware image.

The build was able to be run as a virtual device in an mDNS wrapper which provided discovery and control through an automatically generated web-based UI served by a built-in web server. The terminal printed AES70 parameter values as they were accessed by the user interface.

AES70 C++ compiled with AWML Toolkit UI

Published: March 8, 2019